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We make products that are solutions-oriented, chemical-free, and long-lasting, which are suitable for Indian skin, shades, and seasons!

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Our Philosophy


Diving deep into the Mountains, forests, villages, and lush gardens of northern and southern parts of India, our products carry the natural fragrance of these places. We at Cerybee, believe in using natural ingredients that bring real fragrance, nutrition, and nourishing radiance to our varied range of products.

Our inclination toward natural alternatives enabled us to look for plant-based ingredients that are naturally available on earth. We believe that natural resources such as sandalwood, turmeric, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. are loaded with golden powers that no science & technically invented product can offer us. Thus, Cerybee products help you to get clear skin, flawless hydrated hair, and rejuvenating body – all Naturally!

Puer Fresh Natural

What happened when two friends from the mundane corporate jobs chatted over and rising in awareness of natural products, and a plethora of chemically-made products to protect our skin. Well, Cerybee happened just then! A firm believer and lover of age-old traditions and practices, a bunch of natural enthusiasts launched Cerybee with the notion to provide NAOH (Natural, Ayurvedic, Organic and Herbal) products to its customers with good intent, great care, and the best customer experience.

We are an all-natural, beauty brand that produces non-toxic, cruelty-free, clean, and fresh skin, hair, and body products. Cery is for loved one and bee to be associated with the soul and for dedication, our baby brand of ANSKALON Lifestyle Private Limited, amalgamates our brand’s vision to reignite the power of Natural Organic Ayurveda and Herbals in the beauty industry.

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