Made from plants and minerals

No involvement of petroleum or mineral oil derived ingredients

Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrance, colorants and other additives

Fertilizers and Pesticides are used for growth of the plants

Global and local standards available to ensure purity but not everywhere

Used for varieties of purposes besides therapeutic.


Made by herbs and heavy metals like gold, silver, copper, tin, mercury, sulphur, animal extracts, etc

Contain toxic levels of metal

Ayurveda helps heal the human body without any side effects and by using all naturally growing plants and herbs.

Global and local; standards available in India to ensure purity


Made from natural ingredients plants that are grown with a few approved methods, including biodiversity conservation, cultural integration and ecological balance promotion.

No involvement of any toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.

Healthy fertile soil is developed to replace nutrients from the land by previous crops, while adding organic materials to the soil such as compost.

Many Global and local standards available to ensure purity.


Made from plants extracts, plant roots, plant leaves and flowers.

Free from pesticides and chemicals. However, pesticides are used for the growth of a plant.

Herbs strengthen and support the natural systems.

They only make skin healthy and gentle.

Useful for improving one’s health and various therapeutic reasons.